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Medical Disclaimer

At Dattila, we deeply value the nourishing properties of our all-organic ingredients in our handcrafted Ayurvedic skincare range. We champion organic and natural products for their skin-friendly attributes.

Our formulations include pure essential oils, botanicals, and natural ingredients, revered for centuries in skincare. Extensive research backs our understanding of these ingredients’ potential benefits. However, it’s crucial to clarify:

While many natural elements in our handmade products are believed to possess therapeutic qualities, they are not intended for treating health problems. We do not advocate substituting these products for medical care. Dattila disclaims responsibility for any individual reaction to specific ingredients. Transparency is paramount; all product descriptions on our website and labels feature a comprehensive ingredient list. Individuals with sensitivities to any listed component should abstain from using the product. We advise conducting a patch test before usage to ensure suitability.

Content on this website is solely informative. Our products are for personal use, and the information shared is collected from other sources to highlight potential benefits of herbs, essential oils, and natural ingredients. Please refrain from self-diagnosing any medical conditions or treating health problems using the information provided here.

All DATTILA products are designed for external use and cosmetic purposes. Here are some essential points to consider:

  • Patch Test: Conduct a patch test before using our skincare products, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
  • Consultation: For existing skin concerns, consult a healthcare professional before using our products.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing: Seek advice from a healthcare professional before using our products during pregnancy, nursing, or if you plan to become pregnant.
  • Allergies: Check the product’s ingredient list for potential allergens. Stop use if allergic reactions occur.
  • Results May Vary: Individual outcomes may differ based on factors like skin type and lifestyle.
  • Not Medical Advice: Our skincare products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent medical conditions. They do not replace professional medical advice or treatment.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children: Store our products away from children. Seek medical attention in case of ingestion.

This information aims to educate and is not intended as medical guidance. If you have concerns needing medical attention, please consult a doctor.

Educational purposes aside, this information doesn’t aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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