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Ayurveda for Everyday!


Generally when you hear people say Ayurveda, all you can think of is some bitter kashayam to drink or a lot of Pathya to follow while eating. But Ayurveda is much more than just that. Gross translation of the term Ayurveda could be taken as Life Science. So this particular Science has everyone of those essential principles that you need for a healthy living – be it maintaining health, or choosing the right kind of friends, or dealing with major life problems, or coping up with any disease with its prevention and cure – you name a subject and Ayurveda has the solution for it.

Ayurveda is not just for an Ayurveda physician to follow, but a major part of it is for every living being in this planet to follow, just the treatment aspects – let the physician handle them.

We have this concept called “Dinacharya”, which roughly means Daily regimen. Now, why would a Science so mighty start with what should you be doing on a daily basis? Just like there is a stepping stone to success, Dinacharya is the stepping stone to a healthy life.  You have the foundation strong, then the building stands straight and strong for as long as all other factors are in its favour. That is what Dinacharya is, the foundation. 

A good sleep is very essential for the body. Ideally 6-8hours of sleep is mandatory according to the modern science. But you know, quality over quantity? The quality of sleep is much much much more important than the quantity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve slept for 4 hours or 8 hours, you have woken up all fresh, energized and completely charged up for the next day.  To maintain this sleep quality, what is essential is, when you sleep. Being a night owl is the newest trend in the social platform now, specially more after the quarantine has set in. The logic used here is – stay awake till around 3am, then sleep +8hours, wake up at around 11am and begin your day.  Having a routine like this is dead dangerous and injurious to your skin of course, but also for  your health in the long term. The daylight doesn’t break in late, the night doesn’t last longer, the seasons come when they are supposed to come. Why? Because that is what the nature demands. And our body has to tune in with nature to remain healthy.

So when the Sun wakes up, that’s when you should wake up too, most ideal would be to wake up at least 5minutes before the Sun does. Now work the math – Sunrise at around 6am, -8 hours = sleep at 10pm or max at 11pm. Dinner at least 2 hours before you sleep. If you can do this (which you or everyone must), then Voila! That’s the first step successfully mounted to having a better skin.  Could you ever imagine that just sleeping right could get you the most flawless skin? It does. Just try and see the results for yourself


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