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Hand Crafted Ayurvedic and Organic Skin Care Products

Grandma Hair Care Secrets

At DATTILA, we take pride in being a part of every Ayurvedic and Organic Skin Care product we sell. From picking the ingredients for our personalized Face Mask, Hair Masks and Body Oils to mixing our own bases, everything we do is to ensure the highest quality and purest product and taking inspiration from the family traditional recipes which has been kept in the family for generations. And of course taking the advice’s of our Grandmothers is a must. Hence all our products are approved by our Grandmothers!!

Since we are still small, we are able to give our products the time and care needed to create well-made hand crafted natural beauty products. We have strict procedures that ensure the products and the raw materials are checked at every stage, guaranteeing the highest standard of quality control. Passion, care, and experience are essential in every stage of our production. The end result is a product so fresh and natural you might want to eat it! .

At DATTILA, we know that your skin is your body’s biggest organ and should be treated as such. This is why when we make our products we think of it as making food for the skin.

So let us take you Home!


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