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Why choose Biodegradable Sanitary Pads?


Feminine hygiene and menstruation are interminably linked. During the lifetime, a woman’s active reproductive period lasts for about 36 years, of which the menstruation period alone spans 6 to 7 years.  Imagine the quantity of menstrual products used by a woman during this phase. Notwithstanding the rampant lack of access and awareness about sanitary products among Indian women, the accumulation of disposable menstruation products in our landfills is mind boggling.
It is worth mentioning that most of these products are primarily manufactured using artificial by-products of petroleum i.e. plastics which are not biodegradable. Presumably, the plastic component in the pad may take anything up to 500 years to break down fully in the natural process. This is only indicative of the magnitude of the problem at hand

What are the menstruation products generally in use?
There are many menstruation products in the market, and it is to your benefit that you learn about a few important ones.

  1. Pads: They are also called disposable sanitary napkins which is the most popular off the shelf product used by the menstruating women. These pads mainly contain plastic and a super absorbent polymer (SAP). Biodegradable disposable sanitary pads are a recent innovation that is a healthy alternative in this segment.
  2. Tampons: These are made up of a blend of rayon and cotton, which when inserted within the vagina, expands by absorbing the menstrual fluid and is thus held in place.
  3. Menstrual Cups: Menstrual cups are mostly made of medical grade silicone and rubber. It is used in lieu of tampons by inserting it in the vagina and may be useful for up to about 12 hours at a stretch.
  4.  Reusable Pads: These pads are generally made up of cloth and some absorbent material and are economical as compared to disposable sanitary napkins. You can wash and reuse them to last a considerable period of time.

Health issues of the popular menstruation products?
The health issues associated with menstruation products manifests only on long exposure and you do not face immediate issues. Some of the risks you carry are:

  • The chemical composition of the plastics used in the pads may lead to embryonic damage and its development.
  • The absorbent material is composed of rayon, which when bleached releases dioxin, the presence of which in the pads, make them both health and environmental hazards.
  • The pads if not replaced at regular intervals, make you prone to rashes, allergies, and even infections.


Why choose biodegradable sanitary pads?

Considering the ill-effects of regular menstrual products, the search of a biodegradable sanitary pad began in right earnest. The further intent was to make it widely available to the Indian women, especially in the rural areas at an affordable cost. Moreover, biodegradable sanitary pads are safer for periods as they are made from harmless organic substances and are free of any chemicals, making it soft for your sensitive skin.


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