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Why Traditional Organic Skin Care?

Body Mind Soul

With the surge of several chemical based cosmetic products in the market, we saw the need to retain our traditional herbal knowledge and traditions that was being quickly lost with the advent of these modern products containing dangerous chemicals. As demand for traditional remedies declined, the herbs and spices used in these remedies were quickly being lost – further perpetuating the cycle.

At DATTILA, we focus on applying traditional herbal knowledge to create products that not only enhance your skin’s natural beauty but also inspire you with the raw power of nature. We do this by using only 100% pure natural ingredients.

Taking inspiration from the family owned traditional recipes and also consulting with several traditional skin care specialists across Kerala and Tamil Nadu, we quickly rediscovered the amazing benefits of essential oils and other natural ingredients. We started making natural facial care and Traditional Organic skin care remedies by hand for our loved ones. We have continued our passion today in the hope of sharing our discoveries with you and your loved ones.

We started small and we like it that way. We adhere to the Traditional Tamil & Kerala cultural concept, which commits us to respecting and working harmoniously with humanity, nature and the divine. As a business we understand the importance of the individual to maintain the health of the global village, so we strive to lower our impact on the environment. We do extensive research to support the local natural resource base and to enhance local farming skills in such areas as organic farming. These farming communities produce the raw materials for every natural skin care product we create. If you wouldn’t cook with it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.

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